Black and White: The Early Years of Dan Inouye

Never before seen moving images of Daniel Inouye during his early political career. Revealing, insightful and historical this film shows an Inouye several generations never knew and a Hawaiʻi of another era. A compilation of beautiful 16mm black and white films, BLACK & WHITE: THE EARLY YEARS OF DAN INOUYE documents an extraordinary time beginning with the first political television ads produced for Candidate Inouye as he aims his sight on the U.S. House of Representatives. 

While the issues of the day were many, this film focuses on Hawaiʻi as a multicultural community that is more an oddity to Congressional Members at the time who were wrestling with Civil Rights legislation. In an interview he responds, "We have been able to show not only the people of the United States but the people throughout the world that it is possible for men and women of all different national origins to live together and work together and play together with very little if any friction -- and we've found the secret in Hawaiʻi."

Archival footage compiled from the Daniel K. Inouye Congressional Collection here at ʻUluʻulu.