Koʻolauloa Film Festival

Hulo! Hulo! This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Kahuku Public and School Library.  All this month every Tuesday the library will host events to celebrate their golden jubilee.

On November 13th ‘Ulu‘ulu will be celebrating this special occasion with them by showing a film as part of their film festival showcasing Koʻolauloa’s historical films.  Koʻolauloa is a moku (district) located on the northeast and northwest coasts of Oʻahu from the ahupuaʻa (district smaller than a moku) of Kaʻaʻawa northwest to the ahupuaʻa of Waimea.

We will be showing “Windward Passages,” directed and produced by Victoria Keith in 1977, in which she interviews public officials and residents of Koʻolauloa about the growth and development of their district. In a recent email correspondence with Keith, she expressed how grateful she is to the library because she edited and cut her film specifically in the Kahuku Public and School Library.

Also to celebrate this occasion here is a theme page that highlights Koʻolauloa.