Plantation History Preservation Project


Rice & Roses is a public television series about plantation and labor history produced by the Center for Labor Education and Research (CLEAR), University of Hawaii - West Oahu. 

Historian Barbara Kawakami grew up on a sugar plantation. The stories she heard on the plantation have informed her groundbreaking research. In the 1980s Barbara helped CLEAR produce several programs on plantation history and culture, including Picture Brides, Maids, and Wedding Days: The Plantation Way

Barbara’s work has inspired generous support from Frank Moy and Marcia Mau that has enabled preservation and digital access to the CLEAR Rice & Roses Collection.

The videos below showcase some of the stories of plantation life preserved by this project. 


Kaigo Wedding Segment 1

Kaigo Wedding Segment 2

Yahiro - Raincoat

Yahiro - Plantation Housing

Yahiro - Hawaii Immigrant Clothing

End - Immigrant Clothing