Snapshots of (Over) Tourism in Hawaiʻi

The past two and half years of COVID lockdown and protocols were a moment of reflection and reckoning for local residents to reconsider Hawai‘i and tourism, which had become unwieldy via lack of resources, irreparable damage to ecosystems and the environment, traffic that rivaled Los Angeles, and the watering down of Native Hawaiian culture and a way of life that is being erased everyday. This year’s ʻUluʻulu film presentation and panel featured found footage and home movies of Hawai‘i from a Bygone era, to show the urban evolution of the landscape. Was it idyllic, bucolic and the usual tropes that may be tinged by nostalgia and rose colored glasses looking at the past? The selected panelists of historians, policy-makers and archivists will discuss the past (aka hanabata days), the present, especially if Hawai‘i did incorporate change during said pandemic reflection, and the future of the Isles.