Tom Coffman

This collection contains production materials and raw footage related to programs produced and directed by Tom Coffman. Program titles include: OHA Culture Plan/Draft One interviews (ca 1980); Dole/pineapple company history; Japanese Cultural Center development (ca 1994-1995); Interviews and visuals, O Hawaii, From Settlement to Kingdom (1995); May Earth Live: Journey through the Native Hawaiian Forest (2000); Nation Within: History of Illegal Annexation (1998); Arirang: Korean American Journey (2003); First Battle: the Battle for Equality in Wartime Hawaii (2005-2006).


  • Public affairs

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O Hawaiʻi : Of Hawaiʻi from Settlement to Kingdom

O Hawaiʻi : Of Hawaiʻi from Settlement to Kingdom

Produced in 1995, this documentary follows the rise of the sovereign nation of Hawaiʻi from the arrival of the Polynesians through the period of...