Daniel K. Inouye Congressional

Interview with Dr. Fujio "Fudge" Matsuda

Interview with Dr. Fujio "Fudge" Matsuda recorded in Kahala on the island of Oʻahu on February 13, 2015 for the Daniel K. Inouye Oral History Project. Topics include a brief family history, the responsibilities one has of being the only son in a family, memories of Senator Inouye from middle and high school, entering the military, crossing paths with the Senator at the end of WWII, becoming the Director of Transportation, problems with completing the H-3 and how Senator Inouye resolved them, how the University of Hawaiʻi benefitted from Dr. Matsuda's relationship with the Congressional Delegation, and the values of those who descended from immigrants.

Languages: English


  • Instructional

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