Cutaway shots of ranch and Clyde Sproat and Karin Haleamau perform Hawaiian songs

The video includes cutaway shots of the ranch and performances by Clyde Sproat and Karin Haleamau. The first part of the video includes cutaway shots of cows and pheasants. The cutaway shots are followed by Clyde Sproat, Karin Haleamau, and unnamed boy performing "Maikaʻi Waimea," the Waimea paniolo version of "Laʻe Laʻe," and "Adios Ke Aloha." Clyde gives an explanation of each song. In the second part of the video Chris Conybeare talks with Clyde Sproat and Karin Haleamau and they perform more Hawaiian songs. They perform "Hone Sakala" and "Na Ke Aloha I Hanai Ai" and discuss song origins, changes in Hawaiian music, changes in cowboy life, and shared musical heritage.

Languages: English

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