Elder ILWU reunion at the union hall and pier block tape 1 8/13/86

Interview with elder members of the ILWU during a reunion at the Union Hall and down at the pier at the Port of Hilo. Recorded on August 13, 1986. Members include Joe Kaheʻe, Paul Tallet, Joe Rocha, Matsutaro "Makule" Jitchaku, and Bert Nakano joined by Chris Conybeare and Dr. William "Bill" Puette. Topics include going over articles and photographs about the Hilo Massacre, comparing stories from the day of the Hilo Massacre, theories on the incident, what the community thought of the labor movement, questions longshoremen had after being exposed to ships from different cultures, characters from the old days, and leaving school to go to work. Photographs of the ship Maliko are also included.

Languages: English

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