National Swimming Championships 1941 and 1945

This video contains footage of the 1940, 1941, 1945 Men's National A.A.U. Swimming and Diving Championships and the 1945 Women's National Junior A.A.U. Swimming Championships. Black and white footage from 1945 includes Coach Soichi Sakamoto's Three-Year Swim Club member Keo Nakama competing in and receiving awards for 200m, 400m, and 800m freestyle events. Also includes color footage of a road trip swimmers make across the country to the 1941 Championships, the Hawaiʻi team and Bill Smith, divers from California, and Halo Hiroshi. Color footage from the 1940 event includes the Hawaiʻi team and Coach Sakamoto, the Hawaiian Team training with Thelma Kalama, Bill Smith, Evelyn Kawamoto, Keo Nakama, and Jose Balmores. Includes slow motion footage which demonstrates the swimmers' technique. No audio.


  • Documentary

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