ENG File #81

This ENG File contains 47 clips of news footage on a variety of topics from March 25, 1980 through March 28, 1980. Includes news stories on: informational segment on the newly established Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), interview with Department of Hawaiian Homes Land Director Georgiana Padeken about how OHA can be a vital voice for community, includes comments by Lieutenant Governor Jean King about increasing numbers of voters with Native Hawaiian ancestry; update on Paris Theater and Bookstore collapsed building; Prince Kūhiō Day 1980 celebrations with music and demonstrations; Crime Commission joint hearing with House Finance and Judiciary committees, Legislature complains about the crime commission's practices, including the hiring of outside help, ultimately Crime Commission is renewed for five years despite mixed views on keeping commission as a research panel versus commission with investigative powers; Pacific Concrete workers strike and walkout regarding grievances with company after previous nine day walkout, interviews with employees; Paris Theater and Bookstore building collapse and interviews with various people, including shopper Fred Nihoa who was inside at the time; burglary at Intercontinental store, burglar still missing among breakwater, police search underway, interview with cop who pursued burglar and others; "Howling Hotel," segment about the Prince Kūhiō hotel creating loud disruptive noises prior to its grand opening, interviews with frustrated elderly neighbors about the situation and later update about solution to noise; Aloha Airlines and Hawaiian Air plane and airport stock footage; "Stay Away from Hawaiʻi" group members pass flyers to tourists asking them to stay away, issue elevated to Governor Ariyoshi, concern in Hawaiʻi Visitor's Bureau, Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs president Whitney Anderson speaks on the anti-visitor campaign and believes it is the work of the r\Revolutionary Communist Party; 1980 census update and informational segment about questions on the forms, including interview with Billie Beamer about controversy with question about ethnic background; Labor Department press conference about establishing workers' rights in hotel industry and skilled/unskilled areas; interview with boxer Jerome Artis; interview with Mayor Frank Fasi; Pacific Concrete reaches settlement with workers; interview with kupuna who claims responsibility for the "Stay Away from Hawaiʻi" flyers, his intentions with the pamphlets and thoughts about rumors the Revolutionary Communist Party was involved; and interview with David Makuakane about upcoming eviction from Waimānalo Beach Park that he and his family face, and inabilities to find housing with the Hawaiʻi Housing Authority.


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