Interview with Masaki Tabusa and Ruth Ayako Tabusa; Interview with Ryoto Yasui and Kimiyo Yasui #1 8/11/1987

Interview with Mr. Masaki Tabusa and Mrs. Ruth Ayako Tabusa followed by an interview with Mr. Ryoto Yasui and Mrs. Kimiyo Yasui conducted by Chris Conybeare and Barbara Kawakami in English with some Japanese. Recorded on August 11, 1987 for the Wedding Days project. Topics of the Tabusas' interview include wedding photos, childhood photos, and wedding hairstyle shapes. Topics of the Yasuis' interview include what Waipahu used to look like, going to Japan after elementary school, what kids used to play, how they got married, and Mrs. Yasui's return to Hawaiʻi and meeting her husband at the immigration office. This interview was also used in the CLEAR Rice & Roses production Hole Hole Bushi: Songs of the Cane Field.

Languages: English, Japanese


  • Documentary

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