Naomi Sodetani

Senate Public Hearing on the H-3 and the Hālawa Valley heiau; 4/10/92 tape 2

Senate Public Hearing joint committee session on the H-3 and the Hālawa Valley heiau recorded on April 10, 1992. Cultrual historian Barry Nakamura testifies on artifacts and sacred sites in Hālawa Valley, Kukuiokāne Heiau on Kāneohe phase of the H-3, and what he calls mistakes and the irresponsible actions of Bishop Museum, and how he brought the issue to the public. Next Donald Duckworth, President and Director of Bishop Museum, testifies responding to Barry Nakamura's actions and testimony. Next Rex Johnson with the Department of Transportation testifies on the sites located in Hālawa Valley and the proposed H-3 construction site. Last OHA Chairman Clayton Hee testifies on behalf of OHA.

Languages: English

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