Hawaiʻi Craftsmen

Legacy of Excellence

Experience the resurgence in Native Hawaiian crafts, as local master craftspeople share their talents and motivations in replicating the ancient arts. Narrated by Robert Cazimero and including interviews with Herb Kane, Sandra Wagner-Wright PhD., Rubellite Kawena Johnson PhD., Roger G. Rose PhD., Elizabeth Maluihi Lee, Patrick Horimoto, Bruce Chrisman M.D, Pua Van Dorpe, LeVan Keola Sequeira, Dennis Kanaʻe Keawe, Roselle F.K. Bailey, and Rockey Kaʻiouliokahihikoluʻehu Jensen of the Hale Nauā III Society of Hawaiian Artists. This copy was made for a public presentation on June 20, 1991.

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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