Interview with Paulo and Maria Sagucio 3/12/96

Interviews with Paulo and Maria Sagucio conducted by Teresa Bill and recorded on March 12, 1996 for the 1946: The Great Hawaiʻi Sugar Strike project. Topics of Mr. Sagucio's interview include why he came to Hawaiʻi; the trip on the boat; what he thought of the strike; joining the union; being helped during the strike; and the success of the strike. Topics of Mrs. Sagucio interview include coming to Hawaiʻi; going to Kauaʻi with her children during the strike to stay with relatives; what she thought of the strike; comparing people helping each other then and now; what she thinks of sugar plantations closing down; and losing sense of community. Includes pictures of the Sagucio family.

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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