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Interviews with Joe Marshall, George Kuo, and Dennis Kamakahi 8/31/90

Interviews with Joe Marshall, George Kuo and Dennis Kamakahi recorded individually on August 31, 1990. Marshall talks about Gabby Pahinui and the days they played at the Sandbox on Sand Island together. Marshall also talks about the good times with Fred Punahoa (variant Punahou), another kolohe (rascal) man; he says Pahinui and Punahoa were "two good gentlemen whose memories will always be with us." In his interview Kuo calls Atta Isaacs "a warm generous person" and "a musician's musician and a humble man that could play the guitar like nobody's business." Kamakahi also talks about Pahinui and William Kuwalu. Kamakahi recalls a "jam session" on Kauaʻi with Malaki Kanahele and William Kuwalu. Kamakahi recalls Kuwalu telling him that the Mauna Loa is known on Niʻihau as Kī Mālie, a calm and gentle tune that Kuwalu's parents played to him and his siblings.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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