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Interviews with Lisa Smith and George Kuo 1/13/91

This video contains separate interviews with Lisa Smith and George Kuo recorded on January 13, 1991. The first part of this video is a continuation of title 19960 interview with Lisa Smith. In this interview Smith continues to explain the similarities between Hawaiian slack key and the music of Spain and Mexico. The next part of this video is an interview with George Kuo. Kuo plays an instrumental version of "Kahuli Aku," a song about the relationship between the kahuli (tree snail) and the kolea (Pacific golden Plover). Kuo talks about the different effects that happen to the sound of the guitar by loosening certain strings, the finger movement while playing the different tunings, the sweet sounds of the slack key that make it distinct, about Gabby Pahinui, and his favorite tunings.

Languages: English


  • Music video

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