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Interview with Malaki Kanahele 6/20/92 tape 2

Interview with Malaki Kanahele at Nonopapa, Niʻihau recorded on June 20, 1992 in English and Hawaiian. In this video Kanahele shares how he learned to play kī hōʻalu (slack key) at the age of 12 by watching and listening to his father play. "Kāna ʻōlelo iaʻu, nau no e hoʻomaopopo ka paʻani ʻana. Hoʻopaʻa ma ka pepeiao, paʻani ka lima," and it is up to him to understand how to play by "listening with your ears and playing it." Kanahele shares his childhood times spent on Niʻihau fishing with his friend and watching his father and uncles working for Niʻihau Ranch and loading the cattle and sheep onto the barges.

Languages: English, Hawaiian


  • Documentary

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