Hawaiian Legacy Foundation: Eddie & Myrna Kamae

Artifacts at the W.H. Shipman House 12/4/93 tape 1

This video contains footage recorded on December 4, 1993 of a room in the W.H. Shipman House on Hawaiʻi Island which houses artifacts. The room contains a Victrola, an early record player with horn that projects sounds from discs played at 78rpm. On the wall behind the Victrola is a wood framed painting of Queen Liliʻuokalani holding a picture of her niece Kaiʻulani. Also on the wall is a wood framed picture of the Hawaiian Kingdom coat of arms and a framed invitation addressed "W.H. Shipman" to the Coronation of King Kalākaua and Queen Kapiʻolani held at ʻIolani Palace on February 12, 1883. This video also includes footage of a 78rpm record of "E Liliʻu 'E" by Lizzie K. Alohikea being played on the Victrola.


Languages: English, Hawaiian


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This has been a small clip of the full video available. For more information about this title and the materials associated with it, please contact the archive.