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Interview with Akiko Uilani Chang 6/2/91

Interview with Akiko Uilani Chang recorded on June 2, 1991. Chang is choir director for Waiʻoli Huiʻia Church in Hanalei, Kauaʻi. Chang explains that her mother Leilani Maka and her grandfather Jacob Maka were previous choir directors for the church. Chang discusses her grandfather Jacob Maka and his musical travels. Also on this video is Cy Luddington singing about Nāmolokama, a famous mountain which appears in the background as he sings. He sings "Nāmolokama" and "Ka Ua Loku" and explains the reason "Nāmolokama" was written by Alfred Alohikea. Luddington also sings "Pua Lilia" a song written by Alohikea for his sister Lily.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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