Interview with Yukinori "Cotton" Fujioka #2; Interview with Mitsue "Butch" Thompson #1 12/8/95

Interviews with Yukinori "Cotton" Fujioka and Mitsue "Butch" Thompson conducted by Chris Conybeare and Teresa Bill. Recorded on December 8, 1995 for the 1946: The Great Hawaiʻi Sugar Strike program. Topics of Fujioka's interview include the Olaʻa community; Goldblatt in comparison to plantation owners; his nickname; and the experience of the next generation. Topics of Thompson's interview include how her mother came to the plantation; how she joined the union; communication and organization in the union; meeting her husband; why the union was successful because all the races got together and organized across racial lines; how organizing across racial lines was accomplished; and the Women's Auxiliary.

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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