42 Miles to Oahu

In 1971 Hui Nalu was one of two canoe clubs to embark on the Molokaʻi Hoe, a canoe race that travels the 42 miles along Kaiwi Channel from Molokaʻi to Oʻahu. Produced by Phil Arnone and narrated by Bob Sevey for KGMB, 42 Miles to Oahu follows Hui Nalu in the days leading up to the race, the hui's preparation, and the actual race. At this time Hui Nalu consisted of Kimo Makua, steersman; Billy Mitchell, stroker; Kahele Kukea; Kala Kukea; Mike Chun; Donald Cagle; Samson Mokuahi; George Salisbury; James Maunakea; and supervisor/advisor Blue Makua.

Languages: English


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