Hawaiian Legacy Foundation: Eddie & Myrna Kamae

Interviews Steve Siegfried and Carl Lindquist at Pineapple Hill 1/16/99

Interview with Steve Siegfried and Carl Lindquist recorded separately on January 16, 1999 for the documentary "The History of the Sons of Hawaiʻi." Siegfried, a producer for Panini Records, talks about how the crowd reaction to Eddie Kamae and the Sons of Hawaiʻi at the performance at BJ's (titles 22892, 22893, 22894) was the same as the crowd reaction to their performances at Sandbox in the 1960's; and his experiences working with the band. Lindquist, author of "The Musicians: The Sons of Hawaiʻi" (1971), talks about the collaboration of the group, which made them special. Lindquist also explains how to him music is a bridge to the past, to his childhood, and to early Hawaiʻi which people only read about.

Languages: English


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