Hawaiian Legacy Foundation: Eddie & Myrna Kamae

Sons of Hawaiʻi at Don Ho's Island Grill 3/17/99 tape 4

Continued from title 22956, Eddie Kamae and the Sons of Hawaiʻi perform at Don Ho's Island Grill in Aloha Tower Marketplace as part of the Legends Concert Series hosted by Frank B. Shaner and presented by Hawaiian Kine 105, the Hawaiian music station. Performance recorded on March 17, 1999. Band members include, Eddie Kamae, Claybourne "Braddah Smitty" Smith, Moe Keale, Reverend Dennis Kamakahi, and Martin Pahinui. Some of the songs performed include: "Garden of Paradise"; "Kela Mea Whiffa," compsed by Eddie Kamae; "Mauna Kea," traditional and added to by Mary Kawena Pukui and Eddie Kamae; and "E Kuʻu Morning Dew," composed by Eddie Kamae for his wife Myrna.

Languages: English, Hawaiian


  • Documentary

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