Hawaiian Legacy Foundation: Eddie & Myrna Kamae

Interview with Eddie Kamae 4/20/99 in Kailua, Oʻahu tape 2

Continued interview with Eddie Kamae recorded in Kailua on April 20, 1999 for the documentary "The History of the Sons of Hawaiʻi." Topics include Sons of Hawaiʻi's second album "The Folk Music of Hawaiʻi," which included a book by Bob Goodman and the album cover art by Herb Kane; Dennis Kamakahi joining the group in 1972 and his talents as a haku mele (song composer) writing about what he sees and places he visits expressed in his songs; and Gabby Pahinui, who Kamae says was the key to the sons of Hawaiʻi and had the "ingredients [for a great musician] ... Gabby had the rhythm, the sound, the voice and the magic of how to entertain people."

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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