Hawaiian Legacy Foundation: Eddie & Myrna Kamae

Dennis and David Kamakahi with Allen "Poki" Pokipala at Lahaina Banyan 6/12/99 tape 1

Recorded on June 12, 1999. Dennis Kamakahi, David Kamakahi, and Allen "Poki" Pokipala perform under the banyan tree in Lahaina. This video contains footage of waves crashing against the wall protecting Lahaina Front Street. Footage also includes a concert at the famous Lahaina banyan tree with performances by a hālau with band, and a set of music by the Kamakahis and Pokipala of Lahaina who warm up after the hālau.

Languages: English, Hawaiian


  • Documentary

This has been a small clip of the full video available. For more information about this title and the materials associated with it, please contact the archive.