Hawaiian Legacy Foundation: Eddie & Myrna Kamae

Interview with Eddie Kamae 2/28/00 tape 2

Continued from title 23172, interview with Eddie Kamae recorded on February 28, 2000 for the documentary "The History of the Sons of Hawaiʻi." Kamae continues to explain how Mary Kawena Pukui would tell him "Hoʻomau Eddie," which means to continue. These were words Kamae constantly heard from Pukui, one of his kumu (teacher). Kamae explains the relationship he shared with Pūkuʻi as well as his obligation of sharing the knowledge he learned along the years from all his teachers. He learned from Pukui to "do it for the children, the children of today, tomorrow and all the years to come." He also talks about what the different members of the Sons of Hawaiʻi brought to the band and their live performances. Kamae says "they loved that sound that feeling," and how the music of his kumu lives on through the members of the band and the children who learn the songs from the band. Kamae also talks about the time he spent with Gabby Pahinui, they would go fishing and talk about songs.

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