Hawaiian Legacy Foundation: Eddie & Myrna Kamae

Backyard jam session with Eddie Kamae and Sons of Hawaiʻi and interview with Eddie Kamae and Claybourne "Braddah Smitty" Smith for NBC Today 11/2/91 tape 2

This video is a continuation of title 23179, Backyard jam session with Eddie Kamae and the Sons of Hawaiʻi recorded on November 2, 1991 for NBC Today and includes an interview with Kamae and Claybourne "Braddah Smitty" Smith. The Sons of Hawaiʻi - Kamae, Joe Marshall, Smith, Dennis Kamakahi, and George Kuo - sing "Ua Nani o Nuʻuanu," a traditional mele inoa (name song) for King Kamehameha IV Alexander Liholiho music arranged by Eddie Kamae as an introduction. After the song Eddie Kamae and Braddah Smitty are interviewed by NBC Today. Topics of the interview include: the renaissance in preserving Hawaiian culture and history through music; explaining the difference between mele/oli (song/chant) compositions of our kupuna (ancestors) and composers of today; Jawaiian music versus the music the Sons of Hawaiʻi play; listening to the forest; and how Kamae has found film to be the medium effective to connect to the children. Recorded November 2, 1991.

Languages: English


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