Hole hole bushi audio recordings

Recorded for Hole Hole Bushi: Songs of the Cane Field project, this audio recording contains Harry Urata and Joy Chong-Stannard listening to hole hole bushi songs recorded by Urata. Singers include: Saichi Naito, originally recorded on August 16, 1960 on Kauaʻi; Matsunaga Iwanoshi, a wrestler nicknamed "Chaplin Matsunomori" who worked on Kauaʻi; Misa Toma, recorded in 1965; Takeo Kagawa, president of Occidental Life Insurance, singing Teahouse style; Kumataro Inoue, recorded in 1960; Minoru Murakami, branch manager of Hawaii Times; Shigeo Kimoto, store owner of Mountain View Store; and Katsue Asakura, recorded in 1965. Includes three copies on video and audio tape.

Languages: English, Japanese


  • Public affairs

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