Interviews with Toshio, Mitsue, Kiyoko, and Hideo Shirasaki and Maximo "Max" Gapol

Recorded on May 13, 1996 for the 1946: Great Hawaiʻi Sugar Strike project. The video continues from title 23301 with kūpuna talking in downtown Hilo about how the tsunami affected the 1946 strike. Next Toshio Shirasaki, wife Mitsue Shirasaki, sister Kiyoko Shirasaki [Sakai], and brother Hideo Shirasaki are interviewed together by Teresa Bill. Topics include what they were doing during the 1946 strike, working, women's role in the strike, and the parade. Next Bill interviews Maximo "Max" Gapol about being a veteran and striking, the caterpillar gang, and scabs. The video ends with b-roll of Hilo.

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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