Bankoh and Bishop Museum : The Best of Treasures Volume 1

In celebration of Bishop Museum's 100th anniversary, Bank of Hawaiʻi and Bishop Museum present "The Best of Treasures" hosted by Brickwood Galuteria. In this program, Mauna Kea is examined in various aspects of Hawaiian legend, ethnography, nature, and science. The program begins with the legend of Poliʻahu, which includes a chant by Kapena Wong and Pele Pukui, followed by geographer Dr. Mark D. Merlin's coverage of the volcano's geological and ecological makeup. Dr. Paul C. Cleghorn discusses its archaeological uses, and astronomers Walter Steiger and Alan Tokunaga review Mauna Kea's setting for the Keck Observatory. Also includes a message from W. Donald Duckworth, Director of the museum at the time.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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