Bankoh and Bishop Museum : The Best of Treasures Volume 6

In celebration of Bishop Museum's 100th anniversary, Bank of Hawaiʻi and Bishop Museum present "The Best of Treasures" hosted by Brickwood Galuteria. Segments depict Bishop Museum staff's work in scientific research, promotion of natural history, and development of curriculum and programs for students and teachers. This episode begins with a segment about curriculum and exhibits in the Hall of Discovery and features interviews with Allen Allison, Chair Zoology Department, and Ann Klaus, Chair Education Department. Also, the endangered ʻAlalā [Native Hawaiian Crow] is bred at the Olinda Endangered Species Facility [Maui Bird Conservation Center] where aviculturists Dr. Fern Duvall and consultant Dr. Renate Gassman-Duvall work to restore native birds, including the mammal ʻŌpeʻapeʻa [Hawaiian hoary bat] and the ʻUaʻu [Hawaiian petrel seabird]. Includes an interview with Wildlife Assistant Eddie Andrade and Dr. Robert Pyle, Assistant Curator, gives a tour of the facilities.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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