Bankoh and Bishop Museum : The Best of Treasures Volume 7

In celebration of Bishop Museum's 100th anniversary, Bank of Hawaiʻi and Bishop Museum present "The Best of Treasures" hosted by Brickwood Galuteria. This program begins with a segment on how the museum works to preserve and perpetuate mele and hula through the conservation efforts of Patience Namaka Bacon, Anthropology Department. Next Kumu hula Kauʻi Zuttermeister recounts her training with her uncle, Sam Pua Haʻaheo, as she shares her knowledge across several generations with her family and students and in senior communities. Includes interviews with Zuttermeister, her daughter Noenoe Lewis, Wayne Chang, Carol Silva, Calvin Tamura, Kalei Laymance, and Key Project Executive Director Charlene Hoe.


Languages: English


  • Experimental

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