This title includes approximately 10 hours of footage spanning 20 videotapes of photographs from various collections recorded for 1946: The Great Hawaiʻi Sugar Strike. The collections include Bishop Musuem Archives and the ILWU Library as well as the personal collections of Toshio Shirasaki, Peepee family, Yasu Arakaki, Henry Walker Jr., Shigeshi Wakida, Togashi family, and Rice & Roses. Topics include Labor Day parades; Labor Day marching bands; stirke committees like soup kitchen, gardending, relief; picket lines; California Labor School Hawaiʻi delegates; ILWU; World War II effort; women's efforts in the strike and World War II; and labor leaders Harry Bridges, Harry Kamoku, Lou Goldblatt, Ah Quon McElrath, and Arthur Ruthledge. Locations include Kauaʻi, Maui, Oʻahu, and Hawaiʻi Island.


  • Documentary

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