Interview with Harry Ho #1 4/26/88

Interview with Harry Ho recorded on April 26, 1988 conducted by Chris Conybeare and an unknown woman at a Chinese cemetery for Rice Mill Days. First part of the interview takes place in front of a cement shrine type structure called "Grandfather's Mountain" in Chinese. The interview focuses on the customs and traditions Chinese plantation workers on Kauaʻi carried out for the dead on Chinese Decoration Day held the first Sunday of April. Customs included using sandalwood candles or incense for welcoming the dead; bringing food and inviting all family members to eat. Ho also discusses how at one time only Chinese and Hawaiians lived in Hanalei; Chinese rented land from Lihue Plantation to grow rice; the ambitiousness of Chinese workers; using water buffalo for plowing, harrowing, pulling sleds; playing mah-jongg for money; planting and harvesting the rice.

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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