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The Polynesians of Kapingamarangi 1980

Sponsored by Pacific Science Board National Research Council and United States Navy this program is about life in Kapingamarangi atoll with footage filmed from the Bishop Museum expeditions in 1947 and 1950. Kapingamarangi is a Polynesian outlier, an island located in Pohnpei (Federated States of Micronesia) but is culturally Polynesian. Photographed by Kenneth P. Emory and Carroll J. Lathrop; narrated by Jack Kellner; and produced by George Tahara for Cine-Pic in 1980 with new soundtrack. Subjects include background information about the original release of the film; the decline of Polynesian culture; community life; unchanged life despite contact with foreigners; fishing; carving; women working on taro; children playing games; coconuts; breadfruit; sailing; canoe carving; twine and nets; King Tevet (David) Nangar; cooking; pandanus flour; breadfruit preservation; bathing; caring for elders; building a house; thatching; plaited mats; fishermen's hats; tapa; weaving cloth on a loom; community projects; spirit possession; a dance for the birth of a first child; chasing a school of fish; fishermen returning home. This footage is from Bishop Museum accession number 1976.0111.

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