B-roll and interview with Karol and Rodney Haraguchi 7/12/88

B-roll and interview with Karol and Rodney Haraguchi recorded on July 12, 1988 and conducted by Chris Conybeare for Rice Mill Days. Video begins with b-roll of the Haraguchis and workers harvesting taro. After the b-roll is an interview with Karol and Rodney Haraguchi. Topics include Rodney's childhood memories like growing up playing with the rice; harvesting and processing the rice in the old days; his father and grandfather working hard; when they stopped growing rice; Rodney going to Honolulu for university and meeting his wife; coming back to work on the farm; Karol's experience coming to the farm; how they met each other; adjusting to the farming lifestyle; the whole family working together for the farm; and years later finding out how the rice mill has a historical value.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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