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Interview with Lilia Wahinemaikaʻi Hale [Mama Hale] at Waimānalo Beach 10/26/92 tape 1

Interview with Lilia Wahinemaikaʻi Hale [Mama Hale] recorded at Waimānalo Beach on October 26, 1992 for the documentary "Hawaiian Voices: Bridging Past to Present." Interview in Hawaiian and English. Hale recalls her childhood: being raised by her tūtū kāne (grandfather); first attending school and being forced to answer to "Lydia"; wā wī (time of famine) and how they made do with what they had. Hale also shares how she became involved with Alu Like's Ke Ola Pono No Nā Kūpuna program in which Hale teaches Hawaiian language to kūpuna (elders).

Languages: English, Hawaiian


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