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Interview with Lilia Wahinemaikaʻi Hale [Mama Hale] at Waimānalo Beach 10/26/92 tape 3

Continued interview with Lilia Wahinemaikaʻi Hale [Mama Hale] from title 24863 and recorded at Waimānalo Beach on October 26, 1992 for the documentary "Hawaiian Voices: Bridging Past to Present." Interview in Hawaiian and English. Topics include concerns Hale has with "coining [invent or devise] all English words into 'Hawaiian sound'" such as kīwī and lekiō; the intimacy between kupuna and moʻopuna (grandparent and grandchild); not needing a palapala (degree) because she is a pedigree; the Hawaiian that the children learn now will not be enough to write music in the old style with hidden meaning; and how the Hawaiian spoken now is laced with English so that the old way of speaking will be lost. The video also includes scenic views of the ocean at Waimānalo; small islands such as Moku Nui, Moku Iki, Mānana, and Kāohikaipu; and Makapuʻu light house.

Languages: English, Hawaiian


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