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Interview with Kahu David Kawika Kaʻalakea in Kaupō 8/17/96 tape 2

Continued interview with Kahu David Kawika Kaʻalakea from title 24888 and recorded in Kaupō, Maui on August 17, 1996 for the documentary "Hawaiian Voices: Bridging Past to Present." Kahu Kaʻalakea continues sharing about the different immigrant plantation camps in Kīpahulu, Maui; how love can be in anyone despite ethnicity; immigrants of the plantation speaking Hawaiian; ka hoʻoponopono ʻana o ke kino (cleansing of a body after a person has passed); and different place names of Maui from Kaupō to Kīpahulu.

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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