Keith Kalani Akana

Mānaleo : Kupuna Kanoelani McGuire and Kupuna Lolena Nicholas 8/6/05

This episode of the Mānaleo series was recorded on August 6, 2005 and features Kupuna Kanoelani McGuire and Kupuna Lolena Nicholas as guests (nā hoa kipa) with hosts (nā hoa hoʻokipa) Iokepa Badis and Kellen Paik. Main Topic: Fish and Poi. Topics include childhoods by the sea; fishermen in their families; fishing and planting according to moon phases; making nets; picking and cooking ʻopihi, pipipi, kupeʻe, fish; learning how to swim; swimming with or without clothes; surfing on Niʻihau; fishponds on Molokaʻi; loʻi kalo disrupted by tidal waves; hīhīwai; picking and eating different types of seaweed; how to gather and prepare wana and the remedy for stuck spines; catching ʻoʻopu; livestock and deer; turtles and frogs.

Languages: Hawaiian


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