Keith Kalani Akana

Mānaleo : "Ka Huakaʻi ʻAna" Kupuna Kanoelani McGuire 11/5/02

This episode of the Mānaleo series was recorded on November 5, 2002 and features guest (ke hoa kipa) Kupuna Kanoelani McGuire and hosts (nā hoa hoʻokipa) Kumu Hailama Farden and Kumu Melelani Pang. Topics include Kupuna McGuire's trip to New Zealand and Fiji; attending different conferences; a caller asks about Kupuna McGuire's travels and makes a connection to her husband's family, a class that he is teaching at UH, a future book he is writing; a story about James McGuire and a peacock feather dress for Kapiʻolani; eating different birds; holding gatherings and meetings in Hawaiian; the deaths of mānaleo on Niʻihau; funding and supporting Hawaiian language programs; thanking the production staff; Melelani's future trip with students to Hawaiʻi Island; talking to a kula kaiapuni student caller; meeting people who watch Mānaleo out in public; the growth of Hawaiian language speakers; subtitles and learning Hawaiian; birthday shoutouts to and updates on mānaleo; giving to Hawaiian charities.

Languages: Hawaiian


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