Keith Kalani Akana

Mānaleo : Kupuna Lei Bright Recca and Kupuna Elizabeth Kauahipaula 6/20/98

Kahu Lei Bright Recca is the guest (ke hoa kipa) on this episode of Mānaleo hosted by (hoa kūkā) Hailama Farden, with (ke hoʻokipa mānaleo) Kupuna Elizabeth Kauahipaula as the native speaker host. Recorded on June 20, 1998. Topics about Kahu Lei include the Bright family, attending church, singing, hula, and Hawaiian language; how her father was more used to eating beef than fish; learning how to swim; hoʻoponopono; the disappearance of Hawaiians and Hawaiian language; continuing Hawaiian language; school and different jobs; meeting with other church members; favorite Bible verses; how to pray in Hawaiian thought; her duties as a reverend; her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren; the history of the church; a message to the viewers.

Languages: Hawaiian


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