Keith Kalani Akana

Mānaleo : "Ke Kipa ʻAna i Ka Hale" Kupuna Kanoelani McGuire 7/2/05

This episode of Mānaleo is hosted (nā hoa hoʻokipa) by Kupuna Kanoelani McGuire, Hailama Farden and Melelani Pang. Topics include the hosts' trips; visiting others and having guests; responsibilities of the guest, host; what happens in a surprise visit; stories about gods who visit; how things have changed; being busy; party invitations; a call from Kupuna Hobbs; customs in entering Maori marae; being grateful for visiting New Zealand; the value in Polynesian cultures preserving their uniqueness from each other; giving guests the best; the loss of eating traditional Hawaiian foods. Episode recorded on July 2, 2005.

Languages: Hawaiian


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