Keith Kalani Akana

Mānaleo : Kupuna Kanoelani McGuire 10/1/05

This episode of Mānaleo was recorded on October 1, 2005 and hosted by (nā hoa hoʻokipa) Kupuna Kanoelani McGuire, Hailama Farden and Melelani Pang. Topics include Melelani's birthday; callers with birthday wishes; the increase in Hawaiian language classes at Kamehameha Schools; composers; different canoes; travelling to Niʻihau and parts of Molokaʻi; the loss of foods from the sea and eating traditions; football and cheerleading in Hawaiian language; learning environments for Hawaiian in school; how children learn language; future trips; needing to learn language through action; the funeral for Hailama's grandfather.

Languages: Hawaiian


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