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Pau Hana Years : Kathryn Murray 7/2/80

Interview with Kathryn Murray recorded on July 2, 1980 and conducted by Del Courtney at the Hawaiʻi Public Television studio for the program Pau Hana Years. Murray talks about meeting her husband, dance teacher Arthur Murray, and their dance studio. Includes segments cut throughout the interview on different topics. One segment, "It's My Opinion," features interviews with Ted Kawaguchi and Alex Shaffer conducted by Jacqueline Paul and Ken Borst at the Pumehana Apartments, who discuss their affordable food program for their senior residents. In another segment, Lucy Vakassian shows Charlotte Simmons how to make money with coupons. Another segment the program travels to the island of Kauaʻi where Angeline Tamaribuchi and Kiyono Hookano of the Kekaha Senior Center demonstrate haku lei making.

Languages: English


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