Hawaiʻi Public Broadcast

Quest for Dignity

Former leprosy patients reveal what it was like to live at Kalaupapa Settlement. Since 1969 they are no longer isolated and are attempting to live normal, productive lives and to gain respect and acceptance from the general public. Includes a segment on Hale Mohalu and interviews with Herbert Hayase, Bill Malakaua, Rosie Lelepali, Elroy Malo, Bernard Punikaia, Frank Duarte, John Cambra, Kenso Seki, Olivia Breitha, Hyman Fujinaga, Laurenzio Costales, Paul [no last name given], Helen Keao, Ed Kato, Rachel Souza, Sister Richard Marie Toal, Dr. Olaf K. Skinsnes, Dr. Ronald Metler, Richard Marks, Alice Kamaka, Henry Nalaielua, Clarence Naia, Henry G. Law, Gloria Marks, and Tad Higa.

Languages: English


  • Public affairs

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