Pacific Islanders in Communications

Skin Stories

The Samoan culture calls it tatau. The Maori people call it moko or puhoro. The Hawaiians refer to it as kakau or uhi. And many others know it as tattoo. Many people do not understand the significance this art form holds in many cultures across the globe. For some people, the mark of the tattoo symbolizes their true essence, who they are and where they come from. For others, the tattoo is a symbol of rebirth, a symbol of beauty, and a mark of traditions, values, beliefs, and philosophies. Skin Stories is an anthology of stories and stunning images gathered from the hot spots of Pacific tattoo: from the steaming landscape of Rotorua in New Zealand to the vibrant gathering of the first international tattoo convention in Apia, Samoa; from the terraced, lush taro fields of Maui to the golden beaches of Oʻahu and California.

Languages: English


  • Documentary

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