Tom Coffman

Molokaʻi 6/16/99 tape 4; Walter Ritte Keawanui fishpond, Molokaʻi 6/17/99 tape 1

Footage recorded on Molokaʻi Island for the documentary May Earth Live: A Journey Through the Hawaiian Forest. Tape begins with footage recorded in the Kamakou Forest Preserve on June 16, 1999, including shots of the forest and plants including moss. Director/producer/writer Tom Coffman has a conversation with conservationist Sam Gon about land conservation and plants they see. Includes takes of Gon and a youth worker walking the Pēpēʻopae trail. Next the tape includes footage of Gon and youth worker at a lua na moku ʻiliahi, a pit that was used to measure ʻiliahi (sandalwood) in the 1800s. Includes a couple of takes of Gon and the youth walking through the lua as Gon describes it. The second half of the tape contains an interview with Walter Ritte recorded at Keawanui fishpond on June 17, 1999. Topics include Kahoʻolawe, the educational system in Hawaiʻi; what kūpuna taught him about changes in the land and shift of focus from resources to tourism; how Waikīkī changed; land management on Molokaʻi; and ideas of Hawaiian land management.

Languages: English


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