Hawaiʻi Public Broadcast

He ʻAi Pūʻā: Nurturing the Hawaiian Language Program ʻOhana

Produced by Queen Liliʻuokalani Children's Center this program describes the Hawaiian language program which uses the retired kūpuna generation to teach the Hawaiian language to elementary grade children. Filmed in the classrooms at Lāʻie Elementary School and Waimānalo Elementary-Intermediate School. Shows the teachers teaching in class and talking individually and together about the program. Features kūpuna: Kainoa Wright, Cozy Aichele, Mae Kaleo, Emma Kahawaiʻi, Isabella K. Lin Kee, Jessie Piʻimauna, Ambrose Bridges, Ralph Alapaʻi, Frances Alapaʻi, Christina Kekauoha, Ruby Enos, Mabel Lopes, Charles Lopes, Helen Walrath, Pearl Kaʻōpio, and [credited as] Lilia Hale. Produced and narrated by Haunani Bernardino Production by Joan (Buehring) Lander and Hugo Buehring Edited by Joan (Buehring) Lander at Videololo II facilities

Languages: English, Hawaiian


  • Public affairs

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