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Celebrate 25: In Retrospect PAU HANA YEARS : "Films of Old Hawaii"

Rebroadcast in 1991 as part of the station's "Celebrate 25: In Retrospect" series, this episode of Pau Hana Years titled "Films of Old Hawaii" consists of short films of Hawaii from 1898 and 1906, produced by Edison Films. The films include many panoramic views around the island, some local customs, and events. The host, Morgan White, explains that these Edison films were preserved on paper and reproduced by the Library of Congress. Reproductions of the films were held at the Hawaiʻi State Library at the time this program was recorded. The titles of the films include "Panoramic view of Waikiki Beach," "Kanakas diving for money," "Panoramic view, Oahu Railroad, Pearl Harbor, Hawaiian Islands," "Panoramic view, Oahu Railroad, Haleiwa, Hawaiian Islands," "Scenes on a sugar plantation, Hawaiian Islands," "Hauling sugar cane, Kohala Plantation, Hawaii," "Humuula Sheep Ranch, Hawaiian Islands," "Crowd returning from the games, Waikiki, Hawaiian Islands," "Japanese wrestling," "Panoramic view, King Street, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands," Panoramic view, Waikiki from an electric car, Hawaiian Islands," "Hawaiians departing to attend a "luau" or native feast," "Pounding poi," "Hawaiians arriving to attend a "luau" or native feast," Honolulu street scene," "Surf board riders, Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands," "Surf scenes, Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands," "Panoramic view, Honolulu Harbor, Hawaiian Islands," "S.S. "Kinau" landing passengers, Luapahoihoi, Hawaiian Islands," "Arrival "Mahukona Express" Kohala, Hawaii," "Panoramic view, crater of Haleakala, Hawaiian Islands."

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